The Story Flow Editor

Homer is the free web-based solution for designing and writing interactive narrative content.

A web spin-off of Outspoken. Porting / integrating your Story Flow in test and game development environments has never been so easy.

Homer is a free service

Anything you create with Homer is entirely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes. You retain ownership of and responsibility for your content. If you find it useful for commercial projects, please find a way to help us in maintaining and improving this service.

Why Homer?

We started from the idea of finally having an editor that would allow both creating contents as a structured graph and at the same time enabling editing it as a text document, as a page. And we also had Outspoken as the editor feature and design reference.

We wanted something that allowed the narrative designer and writer to design dynamic content without having to constantly mess directly with the native development environment.

Supporting flows (e.g. quest definitions), dialogues, barks, labels and the localisation of all contents, Homer can be your complete CMS solution for your game, replacing sparse spreadsheets and docs.

You will find all the tools to define generative text flows, with a practical mix of logic, state and writing.

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Integrated with Unity®, Web games, Any game engine*

We designed Homer as a tool for production.

It is built to facilitate as much as possible the design and/or write -> share and/or test -> test in the development cycle, iterate.

You will get direct download links for the web, Unity® and JSON solutions from inside your project.

While designing and writing, you can any time test your scripts from the editor, allow others to test them via the public page and even download a simple web page (HTML file), to customise the output and publish it on any web server.

* Homer exports projects as JSON file making it possible to create a parser for any game engine.

In the path of Outspoken

Homer has been realised following the Outspoken Application Model developed by Demigiant (Daniele Giardini). Outspoken is a feature-rich, powerful, writer-centric, Unity-based dialogue editor built around speed and ease of use.